Amazon’s Dispute with Hachette drags on

Amazon again, huh? Even though I’m tired of hearing about their shenanigans, I must report what they are up to and how they are affecting the book world.  I believe the struggle of Amazon versus local bookstores will go on for a long time.

Chris Kubica, editor of Letters to J.D. Salinger, met with the biggest minds in publishing to try to brainstorm what the perfect eBook store would look like. Here’s what he said, “…in light of recent events, I am of the opinion that it is time for the world to rise up and form a Rebel Book-Lover’s Alliance, to storm the Amazon Death Star, to use collective force to take back the e-book galaxy.”

Kensington Publishing Corp. revealed that it took 18 months to reach a deal with Amazon. If this is any indication of how long it takes one publisher to settle on a deal, I can only imagine that Amazon’s current dispute with Hachette will drag on and on.

Amazon recently released their last statement in their dispute with Hachette, they pointed out that the $9.99 eBooks sold more copies than the $14.99 eBooks. In fact, the lower-priced books generated nearly 5 times as much revenue as the higher-priced books.

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