Social Media Helps Literary Community

I’m tired of talking about Amazon. With this blog, I seem to go on and on about Amazon because it seems to be the biggest thing the book world is talking about. Even though it is still very much in the news, let’s take a break from Amazon and talk about more exciting things that are happening around the country in the literary world. Social media is all around us and it helps authors, publishers, and the literary community communicate with one another. Let’s discuss what is happening on social media for us book nerds.

Salon took out some time to talk about the best literary hashtags on Twitter. Since a lot of authors and publishers are on Twitter, this is important for people in the literary community to understand. #amwriting, #readwomen2014 and #askagent are just some of the hashtags being used. Don’t forget to check out the article to find out the other popular ones.

According to Facebook, customers may soon be able to buy books and eBooks directly from authors on the authors’ pages and newsfeeds. They got this idea when Amazon and Twitter came together a couple of months ago to form an ecommerce solution called Amazon Cart where indie authors could post links to their Kindle Books and readers could use a special hashtag to automatically add the title to their shopping basket. The new Facebook Buy It Now button will allow people to click on ads and page posts to buy a product directly from a business, without leaving Facebook. This will allow authors to sell books more directly. Facebook will announce more details when it has completed more beta tests.

Self-published authors, who use Twitter and Facebook to sell eBooks, are seeing real progress in sales. A new report says that self-published authors have surged to 31% of eBook sales on Amazon, and are earning more eBook royalties than writers published by the “Big Five” traditional publishers. But since Amazon does not share their sales data with the public, the report is difficult to substantiate.

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