Amazon Sentiment Differs Around the World

Last week, I brought you details of the Hachette standoff with Amazon. Over this past week, I’ve been keeping up on news coming out of Amazon and have found that other countries have been embracing or fighting against Amazon’s attempt to take over the world of books. Here’s what I found:

On June 26th, French parliament passed a law outlawing a combined 5% discount and free shipping on books. It is being called the Anti-Amazon law and was created to prevent ecommerce sites like Amazon from putting the independent French bookshops out of business. Just like in the U.S., bookshops have been struggling to compete against sites that offer free shipping and huge discounts.

McGraw-Hill Education has expanded its Boston office to open a new technology hub in Seattle to advance its digital R&D efforts. About 140 new employees will be needed and experts are saying that Amazon employees in Seattle who are burned out might be persuaded to change loyalties and work for a book publisher instead of an ecommerce business.

Amazon has teamed up with Transport for London to offer shoppers a chance to pick up orders from the online retailer at two Tub station car parks. Customers select a locker location when they get to the site’s checkout and are then given a unique pick-up code so they can retrieve their items from the Amazon Locker. Clearly, London is still supporting Amazon and making it easier for customers to get items delivered.



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