Best Books to Buy for (Belated) Father’s Day

For those of you who completely forgot to get a gift for Father’s Day, there’s still time to show how special your dad is to you.

Esquire writers and editors compiled a list of best books for Father’s Day. The best thing about this particular list is that it features quality literature reaching back to 1960 that teaches men how to be great fathers and what children need from their fathers. Some books are The Road by Cormac McCarthy, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Something Happened by Joseph Heller.

The Telegraph recommends books not just about fatherhood, but about being a man in the 20th and 21st Century in the genre of history, biography, and fiction. Why wouldn’t you want to shower the man who raised you with the written word? Some books mentioned are Roth Unbound by Claudia Roth Pierpont, Roy Jenkins: A Well-Rounded Life by John Campbell and Little Failure by Gary Shteyngart.

Last but not least, check out the following books for and by fathers. USA Today recommends the following three books: Unicorn Executions and Other Crazy Stuff My Kids Make Me Draw by Steve Breen, Big Russ & Me: Father and Son: Lessons of Life by Tim Russert, Papadaddy’s Book for New Fathers: Advice to Dads of All Ages by Clyde Edgerton.

Enjoy reading, fathers!

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